What is there for possibilities

Also first a small list of what website can be created or built in such a general way, for the overview.

  • Business card
  • Landingpage
  • Website
  • Content Hub
  • Shop

As you can see there is so much that today everything is possible under the Internet presence. Most of the time this is decided by the department that designed the campaign.

Website creation cost

A simple website that is used as a business card should not cost more than € 500 – € 1,000. This means that only one page exists and so no scrolling on the page is possible. Because this is not to be confused with a landing page, as mentioned above it is a business card, a notice board.

A landing page, on the other hand, can be more expensive and the price rises accordingly. Thus, the amount can vary between € 1,000 and € 10,000.

Creating a complete website usually starts at $ 2,500 – and can even be as much as $ 120,000. However, this means that it involves individual programming interventions. As the number of pages will be how much this will be, what pictures and what is available or not, texts or not, etc. and maybe there will be no SEO included. If the search engine optimization is included, the word count will also be included and the price will increase again. A system is set up and this is then handed over to the user. At the handover, an introduction is made and the user has been informed about the operation of the system.

A content hub can be equated with the price of a website because it is also a website is probably under the name of the campaign. That’s the name of the domain, the hub is adapted to the CI and everything in the campaign. When the editors are taken over, articles are regularly recorded and maintained. Show ads and push the content hub.

Create a cheap website

Creating a cheap website is not a problem, but here is the question on what you want to do without. Most customers do not want to get that much into the matter even though you do not have to. However, it is therefore usually difficult to show the customer the right way, the one who just wants to see a website.

If you look at it so that you are looking for a flat then you look at the apartment a little closer. You also have to remember that you can be reached 365 days online 24 hours a day, it can be ordered and communicated from all over the world. It’s not like a store that has opening hours and is in one or more places.

So you can get a website with us cheap and we also address all the facts so that you are well advised. Unfortunately, there is never an exact price to say out before, so you should get an offer and compare in the best case. However, here is the question who works really clean, because if you understand nothing of the matter and do not let it run on itself then it does not look good.

Create a professional website

Create a professional website, this should include everything possible and everything should be created by the service provider. This means that all leverage will be put in place for marketing and all relevant services to be deployed. The online appearance is as the name implies a more professional as the website was completely programmed to the target audience and everything.

Create a website using WordPress

We also create website with WordPress, with us you can get almost everything concerning CMS system or frameworks. We understand WordPress and that’s why we are the right people to contact if you want to create a website using WordPress. It always depends on whether a CMS or an individual programming comes into question, but the customer decides and we advise you in detail.

Create Joomla website

Even with Joomla website creating is not a problem we understand so almost all CMS systems. No matter if you already have existing and running systems or create a new website, we optimize your internet presence.

Wix create website

We also create web pages with online kits, but we advise against it. If you really want to get started with your website you need to have your own data and not others in the database. Or the flexibility you lose when you use an online kit, you are limited in some or more things.


If you have questions or something similar then just contact us.

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